Witcher Bath Water For Sale

Welcome to Dissecting This Fiction! It’s episode 5, so come join along as my Co-host (Jessica) and I (Steven) go over the latest in movies, shows, and games.

What’s On The Exam Table?

In gaming, Microsoft wants to give access to all of their next gen gaming, for the right monthly price, of course. Blizzard isn’t done speaking to those frenemies. Ubisoft plans to divide and conquer, while EA makes up with an 8 year old ex. We then take to The Outer Worlds, where we are researching a Project known as xCloud.

In Television, Sony tapes the cable cord back together. HBO axes the White Walkers before their army has a chance to rise…again. Netflix released a new trailer for The Witcher series and let’s just say they are probably sold out of bath water. HBO Max also green lights a show for an unexpected character. We also got to “Watchmen”, turns out it isn’t a show about the early watch industry of the late 1880s, just more superheroes!

In movies, Lucasfilm cancels the next Star Wars trilogy after the writer duo walk with a “busy schedule”. It could be worse, they could have been 8 season in. Sony is bringing everyone Into The Spiderverse again. Marvel has big plans for the smallest Avenger. Lastly, Jessica plans on going to “spoiler town” for our review of Terminator: Dark Fate. Warning: May be spicy with some of Steven’s “hot take” seasoning. Don’t worry though, we start with a spoiler-free review.

Come join us while we Dissect This Fiction! We are DTF…are you?

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