Please don’t ban this episode, China!

Welcome to Dissecting This Fiction! It’s episode 3,  so come join along as my Co-host (Jessica) and I (Steven) go over the latest in movies, shows, and games. Along with whatever else we feel like rambling about!

What’s On The Exam Table?

We start off with a Star Wars Episode 9 trailer that premiered during Monday Night Football. It probably had a really high viewership and most likely it wasn’t because of the teams playing. Jessica tries to overshadow the Star Wars Episode 9 trailer release with “big news” of her own, but don’t worry, I fought back with a trailer breakdown. 

In games, Blizzard is getting the cold shoulder from society. Epic decided their Fortnite map was trash and deleted it because…well, they can. Sony and Microsoft give players some games for the month of Halloween. Still no word on that damn Batman game from WB Games! But someone on the internet thinks they know something new…

For television, Disney wants you to spend the holidays with The Mandalorian. Cowboy Bebop gets a knee bopped during filming. 

As for movies, some old people throw shade at Marvel movies, mean while, Marvel decides if they like having a fat Thor. DC is filling up their list of Batman villains, while Barney looks to make a comeback. Turns out he wasn’t extinct after all! But does he still love you!? Ghostbusters ain’t afraid of no ghosts…or posting updates on social media. 

Finally, we review two movies that nobody asked for or wanted, but we got them anyways! Zombieland: Double Tap and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Are they worth a theater visit? Come find out. We have a spoiler free segment and will follow up with a more in depth talk that may contain spoilers, but be assured we will warn you first. 

Lastly, we help Jessica prepare for something regarding her “big news” from earlier. Trust me, its worth a listen!

Come join us while we Dissect This Fiction! We are DTF…are you?

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