Joker!?…I Barely Knew Her!

Welcome to Dissecting This Fiction! It’s episode 2, so come join along as my Co-host (Jessica) and I (Steven) go over the latest in movies, shows, and games. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea! 

What’s On The Exam Table?

We start this episode off with some gaming news that includes a few…………………………………………………………………………….delay announcements. Google and Microsoft start moving their chess pieces to control the cloud streaming market, but who is looking to be on top? Meanwhile, Sony breaks their silence regarding the future of the Playstation 5 for next gen gaming. (It’s good to hear something positive after the recent chaos) Does it include PS VR or PS Now!? Who the hell knows!? Oh right, we do! Did you hear about that new Call of Duty game? (Not that one, the other game) Neither did we, but it’s already out and we played it…a lot. 

In the television realm, we saw the trailer for a cartoon called Primal and can’t wait to watch it. (Apparently it’s already out) Disney tells Marvel to “Shut up and take my money” for production of the Disney Plus shows. A few shows get new season announcements/release dates. That was about the extent of TV…But for movies!

Armor up those nips and look for the Bat Signal, there is unexpected casting news for The Batman. Marvel isn’t quite done with the Infinity Saga, and it’s step brother (Sony) thinks they have spectacular news, but do they? We then talk about a few trailers. (Don’t worry, it isn’t during the movie) Finally, we have our main movie review. It’s this little indie movie called Joker. It turns out DC had a lot to say with this one and so do we, so we start off with our spoiler free impressions for those who have yet to see it and then we cut right in to the core of this movie with full on SPOILERS, but don’t worry, we make it very clear when that time comes.

Come join us while we Dissect This Fiction! We are DTF…are you?

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