It’s Not Just Fingers and Hands

Welcome to Dissecting This Fiction! It’s episode 4,  so come join along as my Co-host (Jessica) and I (Steven) go over the latest in movies, shows, and games. Along with whatever else we feel like rambling about!

What’s On The Exam Table?

In gaming, Bethesda might be done with game production and setting their sights on harpooning as a new business plan. Google breaks bad news to the early Founder’s Pack adopters. Turns out they might not be getting Stadia on release date. Looks like they “found” out the hard way. Last of Us 2 battles all of Ubisoft’s 2020 lineup for the title of Biggest Delay Champion. A popular streamer named (Search unknown:// ERROR CODE:0876570937) has signed an exclusive deal with Mixer and Twitch doesn’t seem happy about it. Then we put down the controllers to share some Halloween themed games for the holiday.

In Television, NBC is developing an esports show so people can watch people watching other people. Yes, that really is a thing. Marvel throws a strike in operations and it causes an employee to split. Freeform cancels a show…or did they just cloak it!? Disney wants children to stay up past their bedtime for a Muppets late night talk show. Netflix is testing ways to take binge watching even further. We then make small talk about Big Mouth and Living With Yourself.

Let’s move to the Es! Joker may have danced his way down stairs, but it’s climbing its way up the box office ladder. Wonder Woman has a date with Brazil. Disney is hard at work(aholics), stirring the pot with a chance of a Hocus Pocus sequel for the upcoming streaming service.

Before our reviews, we list some of our favorite movies, tv, and games during the month of Halloween. We aren’t keeping score, but if we were…Steven clearly won.

Finally, we watched In The Tall Grass and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Are they worth a watch? I guess you will have to take a listen for our verdict!

Come join us while we dissect this fiction! We are DTF…are you?

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