Samuel, Order a Sexy Hyena Costume

It’s episode 1 (Don’t worry, not that Episode 1!) so come join along as my Co-host (Jessica) and I (Steven) go over the latest in movies, shows, and games. We managed to have more content than expected so we have separated this episode into two parts. In this particular part we focus on movies.

What’s On The Exam Table?

We begin with returning cast for Jurassic World 3, Uncharted may very well be charting a course, and the possibility of a Princess Bride remake! Later we brainstorm some new ideas on the future of beloved X-men characters, an unexpected cameo in Black Widow, and a new motha-f*ckin twist to Alexa! We cut through the drama surrounding Disney and Sony, then jump into a multitude of DCEU updates (It’s about time!), and quickly discuss the long-awaited new Breaking Bad movie. To end the part 1,  we share what we’ve seen recently, which includes Battle for Big Rock, IT Chapter 2, and Ready or Not. Spoilers: We are! Come join us while we Dissect This Fiction! We are DTF…are you?

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